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Holiday Insurance

Holiday / Travel Insurance

Research is showing that just less than 10% of British holidaymakers do not take out travel insurance! This could be very damaging financially!

Insurance should cover a number of common eventualities; the most obvious are health issues whilst travelling or prior to travel resulting in cancellation of the holiday and the financial implications associated with this. The Foreign Office recommends a minimum of £1m medical cover for Europe and £2m for the rest of the world.

We have all heard horror stories of expensive medical treatment, which can cost a fortune when taken ill whilst you're abroad, not to mention the size of the bills for hospital stays and repatriation and the loss of a holiday. Insurance can also cover loss of baggage, valuables, delays, extended hotel stays and more.

We have provided as quick means of taking our travel insurance and seeing clearly and easily what is associated with each. For holiday rentals, cancellation policies should be addressed as the booking terms close to arrival often mean no refunds are available.