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Book a bargain at the last minute | 10 Days To Go

10DTG is a new concept in the rental world for the late traveller and those seeking great value holiday rentals. This revolutionary new idea is designed to help people who decide to book a rental last minute or are seeking a lighter budget.

10DTG properties are those that do not have a booking for the next ten days and the owners have either not booked the property or they have had a last minute cancellation.

In this situation many owners are willing to offer discounts for the full 10 days or short breaks within this period. All properties are displayed automatically on this site. If you are interested in a property simply apply to "watch it".

You may need to discuss it with family friends before booking, but in this period others may have the same idea. For any new person who decides to watch the property you will be notified by email!


Any owners who wish to join the 10DTG club may feel free to contact us. There is no necessity to display your property the whole year around but we do have certain rules that ensure the visitor receives great service and that if a booking is made then it is honoured. 

The vast majority of properties you see on this site are shown with real time availability and may be  booked online with automated confirmation through our own merchant accounts, in Sterling, EU's or Dollars.

We synchronise with a number of leading calendar and booking companies and can immediately adopt these properties. We are also happy to recommend suppliers to support integration ad increase your exposure.

In practise we take your property, agree your discounts, minimum and maximum periods in the last 10 days to your next booking and the earliest a guest can book prior to arriving. We take the money automatically and send on to you by wire!

Everyone is a winner with 10DTG! Get on board now!

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