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The Dorchesters

Everybody knows of ”The Dorchester Hotel” in London created by Malcolm McAlpine, a partner in the famous building company. He and Sir Franci...Read more


Devon National Trust

1. A La Ronde, Lympstone Utterly unique in every way, the 16-sided house of A La Ronde dates back from the late 18th century and is a s...Read more


Holiday Cottages in Devon

The words “Cottages in Devon” conjures up pictures of thatch, bramble patches, fresh country air, bubbling rivers and sandy beaches. Throw i...Read more


Ringmore Devon

Ringmore and Shaldon have origins as a permanent settlement for over five hundred years and Teignmouth across the estuary for a thousand years. ...Read more


Discovery Words

Discovery is an emotive word and used thousands of times in marketing of products, especially those related to travel and adventure. The use of ...Read more


Cooking Courses in Devon

Although this is blog about Holiday Homes, we are finding many people wanting to combine their skills, qualifications and passions with their ho...Read more