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The Dorchesters

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

Everybody knows of ”The Dorchester Hotel” in London created by Malcolm McAlpine, a partner in the famous building company. He and Sir Francis Towle shared a common vision of creating the ‘perfect hotel with modern technology that could provide and enhance a stay in a top class hotel. In 1929 a large 19th-century house was purchased (Dorchester House), and this eventually came to be the globally recognized hotel it is today!

As a holiday rental business we have on offer a very special place in Torquay that will not disappoint: The Torquay Dorchesters.

Our “Dorchesters” may not be large and have welcomed as many international celebrities, but the home does make full use of modern design, technology and location to make it a holiday rental of distinction. Perfectly located for town, Meadfoot beach, the coastal footpath, and Daddyhole Plain, the Dorchesters make the ideal place to stay!


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