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Supper Clubs…The Last Word in Dining!

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Also known as the Underground Restaurant or Pop-up Restaurant, the Supper Club is a quirky dining establishment which also functions as a social club; bringing together people of all backgrounds to experience and enjoy home-cooked food together!

Originating in Beverly Hills during the 30’s & 40’s – the Supper Club has always been a fashionable social occasion set in intimate surroundings, with a host passionate about food providing a fabulous full course meal in the informal luxury of their own home.

Perfect for networking and making new and interesting acquaintances, the Supper Club has enjoyed a storm of popularity in London and now the quirky culinary movement is making its way to you!

Is membership involved to join a Supper Club? Why no, that is the beauty of the Club; its exclusiveness!

All guests are simply asked to make a suggested contribution and to provide the wine; and with that being the only condition to joining, the exclusivity of the old-fashioned dinner party is swept out of the window!

No Supper Club would be more complete without an enthusiastic host, passionate about food and fine dining, and nowhere can be more true than at Helen Shaldon’s Supper Club!

Set in the elegant dining room of her exquisitely presented riverside home in Shaldon, Helen Scull not only runs a cookery school but also is passionate about her Supper Clubs!

Each of Helen’s Shaldon Supper Club evenings feature a beautifully presented full course meal cooked by Helen herself and is provided in the informal and enhanced ambience of her lovely home.

The Shaldon Supper Club not only offers relaxed dinner parties but also the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life, who all share a passion for good food!

So, if you are restless with the formalities of restaurants and want to try a totally new dining experience, contact Helen today to find out the next date for her super Shaldon Supper Club! Tel: 01626 873323 or Email:

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