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Pet Friendly Holiday Homes

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

Is Your Holiday Home Pet Friendly!

We love ‘pet friendly’ and we love pets! We have two old black labs x springer spaniels (in their 16th year) and we will be very sad when they slip off their mortal coil. For some people, leaving a dog behind in kennels when they go on holiday is like leaving a member of the family behind and we can understand this.

We also have a holiday rental business representing many owners however, some who allow and dis-allow pets into their accommodation. Despite the love of animals, we have to respect both the owners and the visitors’ wishes when it comes to holiday rental homes and we see a polarisation of attitudes from both guest and owner!

Most of the pets that travel are dogs, with an increasing (so we are told) number of cats. So what are the issues relating to the acceptance of pets and visiting a place that has had dogs or cats occupying them?

Destruction of Property?

This is always down to the owners in our opinion. If you can vet (excuse the pun!) the owners upon booking and ask the correct questions, this type of problem will almost certainly never happen! Consider that if people are responsible to look after a dog for several years then they will probably be good guests and treat the property better than many other individuals!


Not so many places are available as “Pet Friendly”, but it is growing for obvious reasons. Scarcity increases price and many pet friendly owners make more than their local non-pet friendly rentals and the gusts may also stay longer!

What and where are animals allowed?

These are a few of the common arrangement’s that are specified when taking dogs on holiday:

  • At no point should dogs be left on their own, please leave them in your car or in the kennel.
  • Dogs are definitely not allowed in bedrooms or on the furniture.
  • Please clean up after your dogs, it is really import for health and hygiene that you clean up your dog’s poo.
  • In a particular location (a farm, for example) then dogs must be kept on a lead.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to bark and disturb the neighbourhood.

None of these are terribly onerous of course, as most responsible owners follow these rules anyway.

Allergies and Cleaning

This is one of the big ones and people with allergies can have a bad reaction to cat or dog hairs which in turn, can ruin their holiday and would also be eligible perhaps, to claim compensation if they were not informed and had asked if the property previously had pets in it. Expert and very thorough cleaning can help, but it’s best not to risk it.

Pet Friendly Marketing

Pet friendly rental websites have sprouted up everywhere as a subset of the large corporations businesses or cottage web industries and many wish to charge for these listings (groan!). Most people do not accept pets, but there is most certainly a market for them and we are often asked if we know of quality accommodation that will accept their well-trained best friend!

According to the stats we can find, 21% of homes have a dog, that’s over 5 million homes. If only 10% of these people take their dog away, they are more likely to stay in a holiday rental than a hotel! That’s a lot of people!

Up until now we haven’t developed a niche as part of our business finding customers, but we are asked more and more – so please contact us if you have a “Pet Friendly” rental! We would love to talk to you!

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