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Luxury Holiday Homes Devon

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

Devon, Holiday Home OwnersLuxury is a very subjective word and well worth looking at closely! Applying it to your own particular property means that you, or an authority on these things, consider it to be elevated above other holiday homes in the area.

Having a quick look at dictionary definitions exposes certain rather definitive needs for it to be called Luxury: “

“A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”

Origin: Middle English (denoting lechery): from Old French luxurie, luxure, from Latin luxuria, from luxus ’excess’. The earliest current sense dates from the mid 17th century

So we can come to the conclusion that being in the luxury bracket involves “Great Expense” associated with “Great Comfort or Elegance”. Both are intrinsically synonymous with the word of course, but all these words are again subjective.

For example if you took a poor refugee from a third world country and gave him a tenement flat in one of the worse parts of the UK he would think he was in luxury! However if you took a multi-billionaire, such as some of the Russian Oligarchs and put them in some of our Devon luxury properties, they probably wouldn’t see the luxury! The refugee however, after a while, when he observes the living conditions of others close by or in the newly discovered media, may also elevate his idea of luxury fairly quickly.

The media: papers, the Internet and TV are all guilty of highlighting the very wealthy and exposing their lifestyles to the common man and woman. This has led to a much higher perception of what luxury is and it is now different by larger degrees to many people who holiday in rentals and hotels.

We would love to give some examples of what is being promoted as luxury in Devon, but I fear some potential complaints, again due to the subjectivity of the word. So I have added a few pictures and descriptions of non-Devon luxury holiday homes that probably fit the average “luxury” term bill. You will of course now need to assume this is my idea of luxury!

So how do we analyse how we use the word luxury. The search engines are awash with the term and yet every time you land on a page the results are always much the same! So the search engines can’t tell the difference when it relates to images or content! A shame as it may deter some marketing merchants and let the people who have invested reap the rewards! You have probably heard of the people who have gone the extra mile on buying, furnishing, decorating, personal touches and extra facilities and you know they are full all year! So what is the difference?

Location: We all know location counts for a lot and on many occasions is the discounting factor to luxury. But it doesn’t contribute to luxury in itself. You can still have tin shed with fab views.

Decor: Luxury for some people is highlighted by gold plating normal objects! This is an expression of wealth, not luxury or taste. It does tend to come with largess, space and lots of facilities however. Places of sumptuous luxury have had a lot of thought gone into the decor to give it a warmth, a feeling of reserved opulence. There are many experts and probably Zen masters in this field who bill large sums for their expertise. Many people do it all themselves, but they carefully consider the use of the home and know what the population at large require! Not necessarily what they like or would be happy with! How many people have more beautiful and elegant holiday rentals than their own homes.

Furniture: Some people consider paying more than £300 for a King size mattress excessive! Its King size, so its half way there, but one of the most important elements of a stay is a good nights sleep. Investing in real quality in this area is very important! The same goes for sofa’s chairs, coffee tables and all furniture. Quality is obvious, the feeling of being in an expensive environment stays with you and is a memory you are likely to recollect and talk about. Do not cut corners!

Linens: We recently were shown a holiday home that only used the finest Egyptian silks and cottons. This was only part of the equation of course, but the materials, the referrals and the bookings! Quality always shows through and it lasts longer! Don’t penny pinch on things that touch the skin!

Facilities: These can be very expensive, but we know of businesses that have been close to collapse even though their neighbors are successful. The reason, the neighbors invested in a pool and spa. In an area of low traffic, only one business was going to get the bookings! Facilities can be on a smaller scale however. If your holiday home is suitable for children and the property next door is very similar and they have free Wi-Fi and a Play Station or X-Box, who do you think will get the most bookings?

Heating & Lighting: Warmth and light are two of the natural human attractions going back to caveman days. Beautiful radiators, heated towel rails, underfloor heating, sumptuous bathrooms with lashings of hot water. They are all necessary to give that luxury feel!

Flooring: Old carpets will certainly not be classed as luxury. A single stain can ruin the whole ambiance. Beautiful hard wood floors with rugs are a great alternative. However deep pile, good quality carpets in bedrooms elevate the feel of luxury!

Doors & Windows etc: How many times have stumbled across a beautiful, heavy wood door. Just a wonderful entrance door can elevate feeling of luxury.

There is a lot more connected with adding art, local touches etc, but the luxurious feeling is only as strong as your client base and their expectations. Devon still has a broad spectrum of visitors with children, romantic breaks, sports visitors and the baby boom era now enjoying their retirement. You only need to consider that many of these people live in great homes and their idea of luxury is something better than exists at home! Therefore if you want to be in the “Devon luxury” market always go the extra mile, buy the best you can afford, be thoughtful. You will see higher bookings, those that don’t will see lower tariffs and as time moves on, less repeats and bookings in general.

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