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The Lighthouse – Eye Candy

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

We are always trying to find new ways to help represent our Torquay and other home owners.

We all know pictures paint a thousand words, but with the billions of images on the net and hundreds of millions more images taken every day, getting that full portfolio of expensive professional images seen is never easy!

How you present quality photos can increase the opportunity and as we all have such short attention spans online, the first few seconds are important. The next few seconds of engagement could then make the difference.

Over the last year we have been trying various media to enhance and capture a viewers precious seconds before they move on! The following Haikudeck presentation is one example of this type of work. Embedded in a blog, a post, a property webpage or sent to a prospective guest, it all adds to the opportunity.

The full property details for this lovely Torquay holiday home can be seen here: - READ MORE

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