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It doesn't have to be a Treehouse …

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

It doesn’t have to be a Treehouse…

  • Save money with a conscience and keep your carbon footprint low, with our following top tips for turning your bolthole into an Eco-holiday haven!
  • Location matters! When looking to buy a holiday home look for an accessible community environment where shops and amenities are within walking distance and public transport is within easy reach, to keep the need for a car as low as possible!
  • Take our bright idea and use energy saving light bulbs for your property’s light fittings.
  • Kit out your kitchen with an Eco kettle and purchase white goods with excellent EU energy efficiency ratings
  • Provide recyclable boxes to promote guests to divide up their rubbish and recycle during their stay. Also providing grocery bag shoppers and life bags will promote guests to use these when food shopping.
  • If your property is situated in a hot climate a tumble dryer will be rarely used, so ensure drying racks are available so guests can dry their clothes outside in the sunshine. For properties in colder climes, tumble dryer balls are a great must-have as they cut the time it takes for clothes to dry!
  • Install a standby saver so appliances turn off and preserve energy even if guests forget to turn them off at the socket. This is also useful during vacant periods with your property where appliances maybe accidentally left on otherwise.
  • Happy heating! There are many ways to ensure your holiday home is warm and snug for all the right reasons. Installing roof insulation is a great way of retaining heat as well as draught excluders and fitted curtains.
  • Installing a programmable Thermostat also provides flexible heating to suit yours and your guests’ lifestyle; saving energy when the property is unoccupied and controlling the temperature to suit the season
  • Create a warm haven for the winter time with a sustainable wood burning stove which will not only create a romantic and highly desirable selling feature to your property but will also save money!
  • Keep your air-conditioning equipment up to date and more efficient! An old outdated system will waste more energy than its modern day friend!
  • Shower power! Install low-flow showerheads and see how much you save on your water bills!
  • Go back to nature. If your property enjoys natural surroundings complement these inside by installing a composting WC to your bathrooms. This eco-friendly alternative will both dramatically cut your water bills and help the environment!
  • Power your property with the elements! With solar panels, heat pumps and wind turbines more common and affordable nowadays there is no excuse not to install them. Free energy and low energy bills – what’s not to love!
  • Fancy yourself as an interior designer? Go green by sourcing antique, second-hand or modern day sustainable furniture! This will not only allow you to be unique in your interior finish but will also help go a long way in preserving the environment!
  • Make do and Mend! If something is broken in your holiday home it may be very tempting to throw it out and buy a new replacement. By attempting to mend it first you not only save yourself possibly a lot of money but you are being sustainable for the long term.
  • Go green for Gardens! There are many ways in which to keep your garden green. A classic tip is to install a water butt, which can be used during periods of dry weather to water the garden. Many guests enjoy alfresco dining so as opposed to standard Gas ones which use as much energy in 1 hour as boiling 400 cups of tea install energy-efficient Infra-red patio heaters instead! When decking out your garden with furniture, look out for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo, which guarantees a sustainable wood source. You can also keep a compost heap and provide guests with a food bin which can be used to create wonderful compost, which your garden will love!
  • Swim with solar! If your holiday home enjoys basking in year round sun than solar panels to heat your swimming pool is a great way to source free sustainable heating from nature itself!
  • Thinking of decorating? Using lime plastering, Eco paints and ones with low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) will help keep those harmful toxins of mass market paints at bay and out of the atmosphere!
  • Providing a set of bicycles with bike helmets will not only add an extra feature to your property listing, but will also encourage your guests to leave the car and explore the surroundings by bike!
  • On putting as many of these green tips into place as possible why not promote eco-friendly living and educate your guests on how green your holiday home is? Providing them with useful energy-saving tips will also persuade them to enjoy a greener holiday stay!

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