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Top Reasons to Book Direct

Written by Will Keen on

The holiday cottage industry has transformed drastically in the last few years alone, let alone since Discovery Holiday Homes found its origins nearly 18 years ago! From the traditions in 'the good old days' of putting an advert in the local newspaper with a thumbnail-sized picture, to listing properties with giant conglomerates the industry has rapidly evolved in a relatively short space of time.

With the evolution of holiday rental marketing, this does meand that we face increasing pressures to compete with others, with the large 'OTA' websites trying to grab an ever-larger slice of the self-catering rentals pie. From showcasing experiences and claims to provide extra cover and safety, we've hammered down some of the myths to show you why it's always best to book direct with an agency.

1 - Security for Your Holiday and Your Money

In this modern era, it's become a necessity to make sure that you're getting what you pay for, and that your money is in safe hands. Here at Discovery Holiday Homes, we recognise the trust our customers put in our hands. That's why we regularly visit each of our properties, meet with our homeowners and housekeepers, and ensure that what we're providing you with is excpetional value and fulfils our promises and expectations.

We also use PCI-compliant payment systems which individual owners don't always have access to, and can take payments from both Visa and MasterCard credit card payment methods, which means that you've got the peace of mind with extra protection from your card provider too.

2 - No Big Surprise Service Fees

Unlike the big OTAs, we don't charge our guests large service fees on our bookings! We're open and honest about what's included with a Discovery Holiday Homes holiday, and whilst larger websites will charge anything up to £500 extra just to book with them, in addition to any host fees, we provide you with a full breakdown of what's included in your holiday cost before you make your booking.

Basically, we're honest! And we don't see why guests should have to pay extra on top of what we've been asked to charge by our owners, just to be referred back to us to handle your booking. We want what's best for you and what's fair.

3 - Local Knowledge from Local People

As well as inspecting our properties and meeting our owners and housekeepers, we're truly local people with truly local knowledge. We're always on hand to advise of local family attractions, restaurants and everything you'll need to make your hoilday truly special.

Some of our competitors have large call-centres where someone will search on the internet for you, or they'll have a bank in a system which, half of the time, is completely outdated. we don't rely on that because we don't have to - we know the area, and chances are we'll recommend places we've been to ourselves, so you know you're getting something great!

4 - A Safe Contract With the Owner

Something that many people don't realise when booking with a holiday home agency such as Discovery Holiday Homes, is that when you book, your contract is with the home owner directly. This means you avoid the third-parties and the additional fees and confusion that come along with them. You know that that you, your money, and your well-deserved family break, are in safe hands, and that's what matters.

How do I find an agency with the big sites in the mix?

The answer is simple - search around! With the way that holiday homes are marketed today, chances are that your ideal property is listed on lots of different websites, and some of them are local. If you can find a site with a local telephone number and speak to a friendly person who knows the property and the area, you've hit the jackpot! 

You can also search for parts of the description or the property name on Google, which will show you the different sites it's listed on. Chances are, if it's got a name then it's got another site. And don't be afraid to ask questions like "where are you based" or "do you know the owner", because at best you'll find out that you're in good, local hands, or at worst you'll find out the truth!

Want to experience first-hand why more and more guests are booking direct with agencies like Discovery Holiday Homes? Try for yourself and find out!

Will Keen

Written by

Reservations Manager
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