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Discovery – The Name

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The following blog will explain the reason we chose Discovery Holiday Homes as our company name and to give a little insight into what discovery means for human kind and why it has been adopted by large corporations world-wide and instils such emotion in the human soul.

The boring explanation is that the word “discover” is a transitive verb meaning “to make known” or “visible” and “to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time”. The word is one of the most emotive in the English language, first used in the 14th Century and derived from a combination of the Anglo-French “descoverir/descovrir and from late Latin discooperire. It is often used in adverts and marketing to elicit responses and engage people to try something new!

Now that’s over…

Discovery is associated with some of the most famous people in history and their personal quests. For example Christopher Columbus who discovered the New World in 1492, Flemming and Penicillin, Stanley and the Nile, Tutankhamun and Carter, then there are more elementary things such as The wheel, Electricity, Planets, Black Holes and so many more discoveries.

We tend to relate discovery to the our basic human instinct and nature of curiosity and exploration. Therefore many of the world’s natural discoveries and ancient legends are often the most fascinating as they play to our imagination and opportunity for fame or fortune. Yeti’s, hidden hordes of gold, Atlantis and aliens being several prime examples of continual search for answers and to uncover or discover new and untold mysteries.

With modern technology, discovery is now stretching to the edge of the known universe and to the very fabric of our existence through quantum physics. This is fascinating, but remote and intangible for most of us, but is still driven through the quest for knowledge and to push the boundaries of discovery. Who knows what we will find as the years move on, but one thing is for sure, human nature is inquisitive and enjoys new experiences and uncovering new opportunities, places, people, locations and elements.

Television plays a huge part of many peoples’ lives and one of the most popular businesses and companies is the “Discovery Channel”, credit cards are an important part of peoples lives, many use the “Discover Card”. There are hundreds of companies using this commonality of name for all the same reasons. If for example you are looking for motor-homes then guess where you could go Search on Google and see the extent of the Discovery network and people whose companies are focused on providing experience!

We chose the name for all these reasons as we believe the world is full of great places to visit and stay and this is a journey of discovery every time. Air traffic is increasing, the number of places with holiday homes increases and the number of people opening up their homes is increasing, so help us to help you discover new places, new experiences and satisfy your natural human desires!

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