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Cooking Courses in Devon

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

Although this is blog about Holiday Homes, we are finding many people wanting to combine their skills, qualifications and passions with their holiday rental business! One of these passions is cooking! Catering, cookery courses, baking courses, lessons on Sunday lunch or how to make pasta or curries can all be found in unexpected places. They are also being taught by unique, unusual and experienced individuals, small teams or married couples. This may be a full time commercial business or as a support to their holiday home!

Holiday Homes are often not suitable for cookery courses, but just occasionally you will find that an owner has built a bespoke home with a suitably large kitchen, fully equipped for people who love to cook. Some of these even have Aga’s installed and lessons can specifically be taken on Aga cooking. Many people dream of owning an Aga, but advice is often needed on making the most of this fantastic range and to do this whilst on holiday is an added bonus.

Finding a cooking course is the first hurdle and the level to which you need or want training also needs consideration. For many people combining a holiday and a cookery course is for pure enjoyment and to take home a skill set that both family and friends can enjoy and admire!

What you should look for when choosing a course and home? Just by combining these two things you have reduced your opportunity of a) finding a good holiday home and b) a good course. You will also have to consider what type of cooking you really want to be educated or excel in? The world has expanded radically in a culinary manner over the the last twenty years, with people travelling more, new ethnic restaurants cropping up all over the place and of course endless TV programs on cooking. Add in the Internet and the choices you may consider are endless!

Japanese Sushi, Kerala Curries, Gluten free foods, Spanish Paella’s or Devon Cream teas with fresh scones and clotted cream, the choices are endless.

However we believe that renting a quality holiday rental, having a good teacher and having the time to learn a new skill in a relaxed environment can add a lot of fun to a holiday home holiday.

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