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Celebration Time!

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

The baby boomers are coming!

With the baby boomers now hitting their 60′s and the increased levels of travel and opportunity to travel, we are seeing the rise of family celebrations. People are living longer, some have enjoyed exellent investments and families can stretch across the globe.

Bubbly for all

What evidence is there for this, well just ask the French and Italians. Although Champagne sales are growing, the better value and equally pleasant Prosecco is storming ahead. The key channels for Champagne are traditionally hotels and restaurants. However, wine bar Champagne sales and private celebrations have increased by 37.5 per cent in value over the past year – which, according to reports, demonstrates that it is being drunk during less obvious formal occasions (weddings etc) and more within family groups and nights out. Holiday rentals are a sub-set of this. It can only form a small fraction, but the demographics speak for themselves.

Travel is no challenge

This group of people are familiar with travel and its challenges and have no issues with celebrating away.

John Worthington, Senior Analyst Mintel says:-

“Baby Boomers have lived through all of the key changes that have taken place within the travel industry over the past few decades, through the early years and development of the package holiday industry, the birth of backpacking, the emergence of low cost air travel, online booking and the growth of independent travel, mobile technology, the staycation and so on.”

AARP Travel Research report says: “Taking a trip to celebrate special milestones in life, such as birthdays and anniversaries, is a preferred activity among adults age 45 and older. Approximately three-fourths of adults age 45+ have taken, or intend to take, a Celebration Vacation. This research report includes many details about Celebration Vacations, including motivations for taking the trip, top destinations, and travel pain points. Data on existing Celebration Vacationers and those who aspire to take a Celebration Vacation are included in this report, as well.”

The choice is growing

The net effect of this is that many families will celebrate together, wish to eat and drink together, cook together, take walks in the country or on the beach, relax in front of open fires and replay memories and shared experiences. This can be difficult in a hotel environment but much easier in a large holiday home.

For our contribution, Discovery has a great selection of homes to suit family celebrations, of which a few are shown below. We have seen many happy families come and go over the years and look forward to many more.

References: International Wine & Spirit Centre 39-45 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3XF

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