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Are you barking up the wrong tree with your holiday rental?

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

They say home is where the heart is, and, when looking to attract eager guests to your holiday home you should always place yourselves in their shoes and ask the simple question, ‘’Why would I choose self-catering over a hotel?‘’

For the vast majority in the self-catering community the answer is simple; to enjoy a fully-inclusive home-from-home experience, and, for that very reason it would be unwise to banish the loving family pet from the self-catering haven you are looking to create, and sell!

So why pay attention to guests with pets? Well, with an estimated 8 million dog owners in the UK and around 41 million wagging tailed households in Europe growing alongside a steady surge in self-catering stays you may want to reconsider excluding the ever-growing pet-owner population from your front door!

Quite simply if your holiday home is pet-friendly; by offering access to a fenced terrace/garden with close proximity to a Park, then you may very well be sitting on an untapped goldmine by not inviting these four-legged friends in – now that is ‘Paws for thoughts’!

Of course many homeowners look into their holiday-rental crystal ball to see a troublesome future ahead; of chewed up sofas and chair legs, but it really needn’t be so!

The majority of pet-owners are indeed highly responsible individuals, and often look to pay extra when self-catering. Indeed a recent survey by found that over 50% of homeowners were looking to travel with their beloved pets in 2012, and not surprisingly 90% were willing to change their accommodation plans in favour of their number 1 priority; their pets.

In light of this news you may now be thinking of putting a bone out alongside your welcome pack? If so, following our Top Tips below will offer you maximum peace-of-mind to accept, and not exclude man’s best friend from your home-from-home!

  • Factor in a refundable damage deposit into the tariff price or have a clause in your terms and conditions stating a certain charge will be demanded in the event of damage to your holiday home
  • Alternatively, some homeowners charge pets as additional guests to cover for any unforeseen damage
  • Implementing some requirements into your holiday rental conditions, such as accepting only fully house-trained and flea-treated pets will also help in minimizing any unwelcome mishaps, as well as in deterring any feral zoos from making themselves cosy in your front living room.
  • Even if your holiday home is an apartment being flexible and willing to accept small dogs will go a long way – as this added bonus feature will attract more interest and ultimately more bookings from ever-grateful pet-loving guests!
  • For larger holiday homes be careful not ward of potential bookers with a strict dog size requirement – as your guests may very well be choosing your large property to suit their dogs more than anything!

Looking to take your furry friend on holiday?

Nothing quite beats a family holiday. The quality-time together, the lasting memories…so why exclude man’s best friend from all the fun? Avoid a lonesome and expensive kennel experience for your dog and book a pet-friendly holiday home!

More and more home owners now offer pet-friendly self-catering accommodation, so check out our great range in Kent, Devon, Wales and Scotland today! For global pet friendly holiday rentals, view here.

Booked and ready to pack?

Keep tails wagging and your holiday off to a flying start; with our essential ‘Holiday Pooch check list’!

  • Dog Food (taking too much rather than too little is a good rule of thumb!)
  • Dog Treats
  • Dog Bed/Crate
  • Favourite Dog Toys
  • Food Bowl
  • Water Bowl
  • Fresh water bottle for long car journeys
  • Extendable Lead
  • Short Lead
  • A plentiful supply of Poop Bags
  • Bum Bag (for carrying Poop bags, etc. Whilst on walks)
  • Dog Towels
  • Dog Brush/Comb Dog
  • First Aid Kit and any medicines
  • Travel sickness tablets if necessary
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste if necessary
  • Pet Insurance Claim Form
  • Pet Insurance Claim Numbers/Helpline
  • An Updated ID tag with the contact number you will have access to whilst away

If you are travelling outside of the UK the following ‘Globetrotter Pooch check list’ also applies!

  • Ensure all annual Vaccinations are up-to-date
  • Make sure your furry friend has been micro-chipped
  • Ensure European Pet Passports are up-to-date
  • All countries differ – so make sure you have all the necessary certificates required for travelling there with your pet
  • Remember that a Pet Passport is issued 21 days after your pet has been micro-chipped and vaccinated against rabies – so always plan ahead!

Whilst away be careful not to allow too many sangrias and relaxed holiday vibes give reason for you to neglect your normal level of care to your dear furry friend.

If it is very cold where you are ensure your four-legged friend has a blanket and woolly coat if their fur does not give them enough protection. For icy and snowy conditions specially-designed doggy boots are also well worth packing!

Never forget that dogs suffer from heat stroke too, so always ensure they have easy access to shade, ventilation and water if you’re somewhere sunny and hot, and never leave them unattended in a caravan or car.

Pet-safe sunscreen is also a must for those with light coloured fur, so ask your vet to avoid any sunburnt mishaps whilst you’re away!

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