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3 Blazing Bonfire Night Recipes

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It was BONFIRE NIGHT yesterday, meaning that the upcoming weeks will be bursting with fireworks and sparklers. We don’t know about you, but we don’t think that there is anything much better than huddling around a bonfire wrapped up in scarves, gloves and woolly hats, and munching on some tasty treats while you watch the show.

Here are some BBC Good Food recipes to keep you warm in November…

Homemade Toffee Apples

8 Granny Smith Apples

400g Golden Caster Sugar

1tsp Vinegar

4tbsp Golden Syrup

1) Place the apples in a large bowl, then cover with boiling water (you may have to do this in 2 batches). This will remove the waxy coating and help the caramel to stick. Dry thoroughly and twist off any stalks. Push a wooden skewer or lolly stick into the stalk end of each apple.

2) Lay out a sheet of baking parchment and place the apples on this, close to your stovetop. Tip the sugar into a pan along with 100ml water and set over a medium heat. Cook for 5 mins until the sugar dissolves, then stir in the vinegar and syrup. Set a sugar thermometer in the pan and boil to 140C or ‘hard crack’ stage. If you don’t have a thermometer you can test the toffee by pouring a little into a bowl of cold water. It should harden instantly and, when removed, be brittle and easy to break. If you can still squish the toffee, continue to boil it.

3) Working quickly and carefully, dip and twist each apple in the hot toffee until covered, let any excess drip away, then place on the baking parchment to harden. You may have to heat the toffee a little if the temperature drops and it starts to feel thick and viscous. Leave the toffee to cool before eating. Can be made up to 2 days in advance, stored in a dry place.

Bonfire Bangers and Beans

3 tsp Vegetable Oil

1 Onion, finely chopped

2 Celery Sticks, finely chopped

4 Rashers of Streaky Bacon, chopped

1tbsp Tomato Puree

800g Chopped Tomatoes

2 tbsp Dark Brown Sugar

2 tsp Dijon Mustard

2 Thyme Sprigs

2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce

800g Cannellini Beans

2 Red Peppers

850g Herby Sausages

Handful of Parsley Leaves

1) Heat 2 tbsp oil in a large flameproof casserole. Add the onion, celery and bacon, then cook for 5-10 mins until softened. Turn up the heat and add the tomato purée. Cook for 2 mins, then add the chopped tomatoes, sugar, mustard, thyme, Worcestershire sauce and 200ml water, then bring to the boil. Cook, uncovered, over a low heat for 15 mins. Add the beans and peppers, then simmer for 15 mins more, topping up with a little boiling water if needed.

2) Meanwhile, heat oven to 190C/170C fan/ gas 5. Toss the sausages with remaining 1 tbsp oil and spread out on a baking tray. Cook for 30 mins until browned all over, turning occasionally. Nestle the sausages among the beans, then cover and place the pan in the oven. Cook for 30 mins more. Remove from the oven, sprinkle over the parsley, if using, and serve with the baked potatoes (see ‘Goes well with’). Can be made up to 2 days in advance and reheated in a low oven or on the hob.

Dartmoor Mulled Cider

2 quarts Dartmoor Cider

2 Cinnammon Sticks

2 Allspice Berries

2 Cloves

1 Orange, thinly sliced

Place all ingredients in a pan and simmer gently. Divide into big mugs and serve hot around the fire!

Dartmoor is the perfect place to spend a crisp English autumn, whether on the misty moors or in a cosy pub…check out all the firework displays and Guy Fawkes events going on in the area here!

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