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10 Tip-Top Travel Gifts

Written by Discovery Holiday Homes Team on

Christmas shopping…we’ve not done any yet, don’t worry! Who says Christmas Eve isn’t the most atmospheric time to shop anyway?

To get you started, here are some great gift ideas for travel buffs. Whether you have a youngster with itchy feet to buy for, a travel journo friend or a freespirited buddy who’s likely to wander off at any given moment, you can tick them off your shopping list right here.

Alternatively, treat yourself. It is Christmas after all.

1) Moleskine travel journal

Who doesn’t love the curly pages of a traveller’s thoughts logged in a leatherbound journal? Whether it’s the beginnings of a bestselling novel or simply something special to pluck out for a sentimental read in years to come, these are a staple in any traveller’s rucksack. 

2) iPod Nano

Travelling isn’t all glamour. There will most likely be a lot of airports, buses, delays and waiting rooms. Cheer up a bad day on the road with some of their favourite songs. 

3) Joby gorillapod

 Lots of travelling involves exploring places independently, meaning that every now and then you can find yourself in the most stunning perameters you’ve ever seen, with no one to take a photo to prove you were there. Balancing your camera on a rock? A bit dodgy. Not, however, when you have this quirky little tripod which adapts to the most wiggly of situations.

4) Luckies of London Scratch Map Travel Edition

There’s no satisfaction for a globetrotter greater than looking back at all the corners of their world they’ve reached. With this map, the scratch-satisfaction factor will have you round the world in no time. 

5) Journey’s of a Lifetime: 500 Of The World’s Greatest Trips

This gem from National Geographic is comprised of tales from the world’s most adventurous travel writers. It covers all 5 continents and will help anyone pick their next venture.

6) 4-in-1 adaptor

You’re covered in 150 countries, never fear, the blog may go on.

7) Noise cancelling headphones

Places can be rowdy. Sometimes that’s great, sometimes you just want to listen to Robbie Williams’ new swing album. These hit the spot.

8) Hand-stitched Artemis leatherware camera case

Sometimes style is all it takes. This is bang on.

9) Cocktail tools

It might sound ridiculous but the appeal of this gift is twofold. Firstly, it’s easy to make friends when you can make cocktails. Secondly, bartender skills are invaluable for people wanting to earn some extra cash on the road. Fun, flair, financially-sound. 

10) Bonfire Log

The wild card; a log which gives a romantic glow, wherever you are. Pitch it down when you’re next camping and see it work it’s magic. bonfire For that special person this Christmas you could, of course, book them a holiday in one of our Discovery Holiday Homes! Romantic cottages, cosy chalets, chic apartments…we’ve got it all, all over the world.

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