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Hawaii Villas to rent

Hawaii is a magical archipelago encrusted deep in the Pacific Ocean. As the most recent state of America, the Hawaiian islands form the northernmost group in Polynesia. As a result, Hawaii self catering offers you a blissfully remote oasis.

Hawaii's capital, Honolulu is buzzing with vibrant tradition, paradisiacal scenery and contemporary art and culture. Each one of the islands has a myriad of beauty to offer, from pristine beaches to enviable restaurants.

When choosing your Hawaii holiday homes you will be selecting between the islands of Oahu, Hawaii Island, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai. Hawaii is known for its warm waters, tropical climate and spectacular landscapes and any island in Hawaii will have outstanding beaches of golden sand and shimmering ocean, ideal for any water sports including surfing, snorkelling, boating and diving.

There are only really two seasons in Hawaii, Kau (summer) from May to October and Hoolio (winter) from November to April. However, Hawaii Island alone is so large that it covers 11 of the world's 13 climactic zones; you could see anything from snowcapped mountains to sun stained gorges and beaches from the windows of your Hawaii holiday homes.

Hawaii holiday homes give you a slice of paradise with a personal twist. No sharing pools or all inclusive limitations, instead you can directly acquaint yourself with the state's stunning natural landscapes. You will have the choice between Hawaii self catering in a rural alcove next to sweeping verdant cliffs, in a heavenly beach retreat or at the heart of an artistic and historical village.

With Hawaii holiday homes you can feel more like a traveller than a visitor. Hawaii self catering also gives you the freedom to dine at the islands' endless array of restaurants, treating your taste buds to something new every night!

Hawaii loves festival and celebration. Ensure that you attend a Luau during your time Hawaii self catering, as this traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian feast will invite you to enjoy traditional music and chants, storytelling through the medium of hula, Samoan fire dancers and Tahitian dancers, as well as delicacies including kalua pork, lau lau and poi.

Other festivals you could enjoy from your Hawaii holiday homes include guitar festivals, culinary celebrations, art exhibitions, film festivals, music concerts and floral parades. Specific celebrations include Kona Coffee Festival, fireworks from the Aloha Tower, Hawaiiana and the Festival of Lights. The Festival of Lights is a celebration of Christmas folk art, begun by a woman named Auntie Jose who would turn 'trash to treasure' by turning toothpicks into Christmas trees and cartons into glittering wreaths. Her impressive decorations are lit up around her house in her memory every year. Hawaiiana is an excellent way to learn more about the area around your Hawaii holiday homes as shows of story-telling, music, film and hula are displayed for visitors to enlighten them about the state's history.

Food & Drink

Hawaiian cuisine is inspired by fresh island ingredients, from vegetables grown in volcanic soil and cattle from upland pastures to fish freshly plucked from the sea. Hawaii self catering allows you to try island fare cooked to perfection in one the islands' many restaurants. Hawaii is so large, and so good with food, that it would be impossible to cover everything! The best way to organise your dining from your Hawaii holiday homes is to pick up local recommendations, look out for festivals and events and take the odd punt! However there are a few jewels worth trying.

The Opal Thai restaurant on Oahu will mesmerize your taste buds as the chefs quiz you about your favourite dishes and flavour combinations and tailor your meal to suit! With Hawaii self catering you will also be able to visit quirky hangouts such as Local Boys West in Maui, tipped to sell the most elaborate slush puppies you will ever taste; you can request to have ice cream bottoms, azuki bean toppings and gummy bear sprinklings for no extra charge; heaven.

If you find yourself in one of our Hawaii holiday homes on Hawaii Island then try some traditional Hawaiian cuisine at Umekes, where they cook exquisite Poke. For a picture perfect setting, treat yourself to a meal at Kailani at the Four Seasons Manele Bay in Lanai; a travel writer's dream.

The Molokai Pizza Café is repeatedly championed among locals and delectable seafood can be found at Huiklau Lanai on Kauai island; sit on a moonlit veranda and try the wine menu. Hawaii holiday homes deliver you to islands abundant with serene beach bars, hula parties and urban street bars.

Oahu is the epicentre of nightlife, whilst Hawaii Island is well versed in sunset cruises, stargazing and night-time scuba dives. Hawaii self catering in Molokai or Maui is ideal for moonlight strolls and Lanai is known for its cocktail sensations. Learn to hula, party with artists or doze in a starlit cove, the choice is yours with Hawaii holiday homes.

Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island is larger than all of the other islands combined. Hawaii holiday homes here will deliver you to a tour de force of nature, with the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the waterfalls, rainforests and botanical gardens of Hilo and the coffee plantations of Kona. With Hawaii self catering on this island, you will feel as if you have been immersed into an album of 'Places to see before I die'! As well as natural spectacles, the town of Kailua offers a cultural feast of palaces, dining and shopping. Be sure to watch the sunset on Kailua Pier. Hilo is also a beautiful historic city with wooden store fronts from bygone centuries and is home to the fascinating Pacific Tsunami Museum. Hawaii holiday homes on the 'big island' transport you to a world of rich landscapes, haunting history and artistic culture.


Kauai is the oldest and northernmost island and Hawaii holiday homes here offer gems such as the Coconut Coast, Poipu Beach Park and the Waimea Canyon, otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. You will also find the Wailua River here; the only navigable river in Hawaii will delve you into a world of waterfalls, jungle speckled horizons, as well as the natural lava rock cave of Fern Grotto. The Nounou Mountains are home to the magnificent Sleeping Giant rock formation and the dramatic cliffs of the Napali Coast have to be seen to be believed. The only land access to this rugged and emerald coastline is the Kalalau Trail which crosses five valleys and ends on a secluded beach. Take a night away from your Hawaii holiday homes and try the expedition; you can celebrate with a boat or kayaking tour in the cobalt waters.


Oahu is home to the state's capital, Honololu. There is an abundance of activity to be discovered from your Hawaii holiday homes in Oahu as the island was once the home of Hawaiian royalty. Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous in the world and the towns boast world class shopping, dining and resorts. North Shore is the birthplace of surfing thanks to its majestic glassy waves and the Super Bowl of wave riding is hosted here. The Honolulu Botanical Gardens are ideal for a quiet walk amongst luscious surroundings. Hawaii self catering in Oahu will also place you closely to Hawaii's art district, Chinatown; make sure to visit on 'First Friday' every month where artists exhibit their work in one big party on the streets. Other attractions include Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium and Hawaii's largest open air shopping centre, Ala Moana. Hanauma Bay is a magical little cove which was once a volcanic crater, perfect for a snorkel. Hawaii holiday homes near the Pali Lookout onto Windward Coast will offer you a view you wouldn't forget in several lifetimes; the outlook is velvety, rugged, Edenic and apocalyptic all at once. Oahu is of course also the home to Pearl Harbour which now houses several beautiful memorials. You will also find Iolani Palace here, a fortress of ornate staircases and regal portraits, home to Hawaii's past two monarchs.


Maui, or the Magical Isle, is home to the breath-taking summit of Heleakala; leaving your Hawaii holiday homes in time to see the sunrise here would be an enchanting experience. Other landmarks include the Iao Needle and the legendary road to the charming town of Hana. With hairpin cliffs, unspoiled frontiers, 620 curves and 59 bridges, this is a once in a lifetime journey to be made. Hawaii self catering in Maui will give you access to the pretty historic town of Lahaina which is brimming with art galleries and is a wonderful whale watching spot. The island also has fantastic golf facilities. Makena Brach State Park is known around the world for its crystal waters, so dip your toes in the sea and stay until teatime if you want to!


Half of the population on Molokai is of native Hawaiian ancestry, so Hawaii holiday homes here take you back to the roots of authentic travel, nature and discovery. Papohaki Beach is renowned for its iridescent white sands and the town of Kaunakakai offers a simple and unchanged way of life. The paniolo (cowboy town) boasts an old fishing harbour, as well as the famous Kanemitsu's Bakery, perfect for picking up fresh bread for your Hawaii self catering. Be sure to visit the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove and Church Row for a glimpse into the village's rural history. Halawa Valley is home to Moula Falls. It's rumoured that a giant moo (lizard) resides in the pools here, so drop a ti leaf into the waters and if it floats it's safe to enter, but if it sinks then the moo is does not any swimming partners today. The island has a variety of fish ponds and the Kalaupapa National Historical Park is home to some of the highest cliffs in the world, as well as being where the selfless Saint Damien spent sixteen years looking after victims of Hansen's disease. Hawaii holiday homes on Molokai fuse felicitous paradise with profound heritage.


Lanai is an island of intimate privacy, perfect for couples or quieter travellers. Hawaii holiday homes here will take you to the doorstep of the dolphin friendly waters and tidal pools of Hulopoe Bay as well as the small boutiques and picnic gardens of Lanai City. According to Hawaiian lore, the boulders and rock towers of Keahiakewalo, or Garden of Gods, are there thanks to a contest between two priests from Lanai and Molokai, who were challenged to keep a fire burning on their respective islands, wherein the winner's island would be abundantly rewarded. The Lanai priest used every piece of vegetation to keep his fire burning, hence the barren landscape today. You will also be able to drive the Munro Trail from your Hawaii holiday homes in Lanai, a four wheel track weaving through pine trees.

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