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Colombus deemed the Caribbean to have the 'finest shores under heaven.' The Caribbean Sea and over 7,000 islands make up a magical corner of earth comprised of porcelain sand beaches, emerald waves and zestful lifestyles. Caribbean holiday homes deliver you to a world of paradisaical relaxation, wild adventure and infectious festivity and rhythm. Caribbean self catering could take you to places such as Jamaica, Antigua, Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia, Cuba, St Kitts and many other calypso havens.

A stay in one of our Caribbean holiday homes will make you fall in love with travelling all over again.

Holiday Villas

With our Caribbean holiday homes you could find yourself living alongside limitless plantations of spice and sugar, staggering ravines and Utopian beaches. Alternatively, you could find yourself at the heart of a vibrant and eternally dancing city, living for the moment to salsa beats. Caribbean self catering not only gives you a diverse choice of activities from hiking and diving to heritage explorations and rain forest swims, but also gives you the chance to choose where you eat! The Caribbean has a fantastic food culture full of fresh fare, vibrant ambiance and social spontaneity; book Caribbean self catering and get stuck in!

The first images our Caribbean holiday homes conjure are probably white sand beaches, azure ocean, coconut trees and coral reefs. Whilst all of this applies, Caribbean self catering has far more to offer than a sunbed.

You could find yourself kayaking through a mangrove swamp, glimpsing at ancient rock paintings in island coves, enjoying spa treatments of island salts, rum tonics and pineapple body polish, or even hiking to stunning mountain ranges in time for sunrise. However, you won't find yourself on a Caribbean island without access to mind-blowing snorkeling and scuba diving, so make sure you pack your fins!

Caribbean fare is a carnival of spices, plantation vegetables, rich meat dishes and fresh seafood. Restaurant dishes during your time Caribbean self catering will have infusions from African, European, Chinese and American cuisine. You could be tasting delights from Jerk chicken and goat curry to full and fruity smoothies and juices.

Choosing restaurants during your time in your Caribbean holiday homes will be a pleasure, with so much choice from beach shacks to waterside hotels. Your best bet is to go on local recommendation and take a punt every now and then, but there are also some hot tips. Oisten's Friday Fish Fry is an absolute must go to in Barbados; not only will you be able to taste deliciously cooked swordfish, lobster and tuna but the evening inevitably evolves into a party! Bridgetown is also known for its fabulous fishcakes and barbecued pigstails, whilst you should visit Roti stands on the islands for a traditional West Indian wrap at lunchtime. Historic plantation houses sometimes open for Sunday lunch buffets with beautifully set tables in their interiors and gardens; an incredibly graceful dining experience.

The Coal Pot in St Lucia is raved about for its local dishes and Rodney Bay equally so for its nightlife! Antigua has mastered the art of beachside cafes and Scotchies Jerk Centre in Motego Bay in Jamaica is always popular.

Nightlife in the Caribbean is lively, distinctive and simply fantastic. With a history of reggae, salsa and merengue, the locals will have your feet tapping all night long and will teach you to loosen up to live music and plentiful supplies of rum! Head to St Lawrence in Barbados for its abundance of rum shops and karaoke dens, to Cuba for rum cocktails and Havana Cigars and to the Sunday School street parties in Tobago for an explosion of calypso, salsa and reggae.

If you're in Jamaica, check out the secret gem, The Pelican Bar, which stands as a higgledy piggledy shack on stilts in the middle of the sea. If you want a truly local experience during your time Caribbean self catering then take a trip to Nigel Benn Aunty Bar in Barbados; a rum shack the size of a London taxi which hosts fiercely competitive games of dominos.


Antigua is a small and beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. Caribbean holiday homes in Antigua are brilliantly eclectic; the island is an idyllic retreat for couples thanks to its tranquillity, but also boasts plenty to keep children and families entertained. If you're Caribbean self catering on a romantic break then have a laugh on the local Pirate Ship, with an evening partying with locals and rum! Meanwhile children will be kept well-entertained at Grand Pineapple Beach with its array of watersports and at Wadadli Animal Nature Park with the peacocks, parrots and cows! Antigua offers a tantalising fusion of rugged terrain and verdure fields for hikers and bikers to explore. If you want to try something totally different from your Caribbean holiday homes then take a full canopy rainforest tour in Antigua; memories the unforgettable towering bamboo and deep sapphire pools at the heart of the forest will stay with you for decades. Meanwhile golfers will think they've died and gone to heaven at Jolly Harbour, while the rest of us can leave them to it and take a visit to Antigua's sister island Barbuda or the vibrant marina of Nelson's Dockyard.


Caribbean holiday homes in Tobago invite you to try new adventures such as dolphin safaris and catamaran fishing trips; the rush you will get from barbecuing your own catch on a desert island is one like no other. Tobago also boasts the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere and natural attractions such as the Little Tobago Seabird Sanctuary which was filmed as part of David Attenborough's Trials of Life. Needless to say Caribbean self catering in Grenada is ideal for keen birdwatchers. Once you've filled your boots with inland marvels, head out to Pigeon Point on a glass-bottomed cruise, snorkel in world-renowned Buccoo Reef or visit enchanting Caribbean villages such as Castara, Charlotteville and Scarborough. If you fancy taking the pace up a notch for a few days, head over to our Caribbean holiday homes in Trinidad, the birthplace of calypso music.


Grenada is the heart of Carib tranquillity. This jewel in the ocean doesn't suffer from crowds of tourists and is home to extraordinary attractions such an underwater sculpture exhibition. There are plenty of coves and harbours to explore by snorkel, often accompanied by sting rays, as well as opportunities for deep sea fishing, kayaking and sulphur pools for revitalisation. Caribbean self catering in Grenada will also give you the opportunity to explore the sugar plantations and even visit an authentic plantation house; you can see how nutmeg is manufactured by hand before trying it in a homemade Carib hot chocolate! The local supermarkets are brimming with colourful ingredients and fizzing spices you to try during your time Caribbean self catering. Other attractions on the island include the fabulous Concord Falls, Grand Etang National Park, day cruises to neighbouring islands Carriacou and Petit Martinique, as well as the black volcanic sand of Black Bay and the magnificent harbour of St George's. Caribbean holiday homes in Grenada will also place you on the doorstep of some of the kindest and friendliest people you could hope to meet.

St Lucia

St Lucia is awash with natural marvels; Caribbean holiday homes here will give you access to bamboo rainforests, the famous volcanic plugs the 'Pitons', banana plantations, diamond mineral baths and botanical gardens and Pigeon Island National Park. Pigeon Island is steeped in military history and a great way to discover the island from a local viewpoint is to befriend a taxi driver during your time Caribbean self catering and hire them for a full day. If you like sports you will love St Lucia; it's a hub for horse riding, mountain biking, zip lining, as well as home to St Lucia Segway and jungle biking. Who said exercise had to be dull?! Caribbean holiday homes are also a great base for whale watchers, who will be able to book themselves onto tours on the island or seek out these incredible creatures themselves. The east coast of the island offers world-class kitesurfing and windsurfing spots and St Lucia is also home to SNUBA; a fusion of scuba diving and snorkelling for those of you who don't want to have to choose!


Barbados is the retreat of many a celebrity and it's not hard to see why. Caribbean holiday homes on this island will allow you to paddle with turtles, swim in emerald waters alongside seahorses and giant sand eels and intake the view of a lifetime from Cherry Tree Hill. Other adventures during your time Caribbean self catering could include taking a trip on the night Atlantis Submarine, where you get to see the stunning coral reefs without even getting damp! Horse racing at Garrison Savanah is always an exhilarating day out, as are 4*4 tours of the island and spotting green monkeys at Welchman Hall Gully. St Nicholas Abbey is a genuine Jacobean mansion on the island and cricket at Kensington Oval should be on any sportsman's bucket list. Barbados also holds National Surfing Championships. Other great finds within a stone's throw of your Caribbean holiday homes will be Harrison's Cave and St James Parish Church in Holetown, the oldest church in Barbados with stained glass windows which emit exquisite amber, moonstone and plum purple reflections.


Cuba stands in a league of its own in the Caribbean. The island boasts an offbeat culture, distinct from the others, perhaps due to its haunting history and more recent independence. Havana revels in relaxed chaos, with its stunning colonial architecture set alongside ramshackle bars and cafes. During your stay in your Caribbean holiday homes, you won't be able to walk down a street without hearing music. As the birthplace of salsa, Cuba works to quick Latino rhythms. Drink rum and tequila and find yourself dancing until the sun comes up, or take it easy and visit the quirky shopping streets of Calle Obispo with its old fashioned shop front, sun faded awnings and smoky lamps. Plaza de Armas, Castillo de la Punta and Castilli de la Real Fuerza are all gorgeous locations for aspiring architects. Varadero is Cuba's most famous beach but if you fancy a bit more peace and quiet whilst Caribbean self catering then head out to the untouched island of Cayo Santa Maria or to the coral reefs off of Guardalavaca. Swim with dolphins, visit rum distilleries, admire bright 1950s vintage cars in dusty streets and visit archaic fortresses; Cuba is your oyster. Havana also has its own Jazz Festival; you will be dancing on table tops in no time.


Caribbean holiday homes in Jamaica offer all the appeal of other islands, as well as more rugged scenery including jagged ravines and misty mountains. Try river rafting, climbing Dunn's River Falls, bobsledding at Mystic Mountain or dancing to reggae along the 7 mile white beach in Negril, especially during Bob Marley celebration week.

Other Islands

There are a myriad of other islands where you can enjoy Caribbean self catering. Just some of these include Turks and Caicos with their legendary diving and whale watching spots, the Dominican Republic with its cocktail of Latino and Afro-Caribbean living with merengue dance as well as stunning fauna including orchids, ginger lilies and frangipani and St Kitts with the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. St Vincent and the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands also offer enviable sailing spots and cays, as well as granite boulders and baths.

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